Kids Halloween Costumes – GI Joe Snake Eyes Costume

The most popular kid’s Halloween costumes of each year are almost always centered around the top movies of the Summer. This year, GI Joe has been a hit in the box office and also with the kids. In the movie, one of Joe’s own – Snake Eyes, the ultimate ninja, takes over the silver screen with his elusive fighting skills and mysterious demeanor and thus is the character to be for this Halloween season. Like all popular Halloween costumes, it’s important to start planning your child’s costume selection before October. If they are into GI Joe and ninjas, you might want to suggest this costume to them, if they haven’t asked your for it already. things to do in pomona this weekend

You can definitely be sure that this costume will be a hot commodity and will sell out fast. Definitely a head turner, this costume has it all and will have your child feeling like they are the ultimate ninja when they wear this GI Joe costume on October 31st, or anytime they decide to dress up.

The G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Classic Muscle Child Costume includes a black jumpsuit constructed with realistic muscle torso and arms. This costume also comes attached with decorative ninja arm guards, attached leg holsters, and a fabric hood with a visor. But, this costume does not stop here. There are several additional accessories that truly capture the essence of Snake Eyes. Those items include: black combat vest and holster, ninja sword with strap, deluxe gloves, and a GI Joe trick or treat tote. The designers of this costume captured every detail of the character and made it possible to re-create the look effectively. Currently, this costume is available in kid’s sizes 4/6, 7/8, 10/12

Being that this costume is entirely black, you might want to be sure to include some reflective strips on the costume for safety reasons. Always talk about safety when it comes to Halloween costumes and Trick or Treating with your kids. It will make you feel better and your child will be better prepared to enjoy their evening the safe way. Hope you have a great one this year and in the words of “The American Hero”, “Go Joe!”


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